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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are There Washrooms On Site?
    St John’s Park washrooms are only open during wading pool hours. St. John's Anglican Cathedral is a short walk away and will share its facilities with school groups with advanced notice. Students must be supervised.
  • Can I Book the Healing Forest for Events?
    Use of the teaching & ceremony circle site is generally on a first-come basis.  We are grateful to those who make an appointment through our Facebook “Book now” function as it helps us track the space's use and lets others know its availability. As it is a public park space, we unfortunately cannot reserve or ensure the site will be available when you arrive.  For larger events, Winnipeg Parks is able to reserve the space for a fee.   
  • What Does Kapabamayak Achaak Mean?
    The Healing Forest Winnipeg was gifted the Spirit Name, Kapabamayak Achaak, which means “Wandering Spirit” in Ojibwe by Elder Peetanacoot Nenakawekapo in 2019.
  • How Can Teachers Use the Healing Forest?
    The Keepers of the Forest have developed educational resources to support teachers. We will also support site visits with teachings and ceremony provided by Elders who are Friends of the Forest.
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